Simulation-Based Operations Software Suite

Inhumate Simulation-Based Operations Software Suite contains infrastructure and common tools for simulation-based concept development, research, training and user testing projects. It lets you reduce development time and risk, and focus on core project activity instead of infrastructure and tooling around it.

Our software is designed from the ground up for simulation-based operations, including

  • Research and analysis
  • Concept development and experimentation
  • Design, modelling and development
  • Training


The suite was developed to meet the lowest common denominator needs of multiple simulation-based projects and operations, and years of experience.

Simulation-based projects require more than a simulator, e.g:

These requirements are often overlooked and/or underestimated.

Required functionality in a simulation-based project

Benefits & Characteristics

Use the suite to achieve

  • Focus on core activity
  • Robust budget and planning
  • Rich, time-synchronized data and analysis, e.g. for reporting or debriefing
  • Unified platform for multiple projects and operations
  • Less reinventing wheels

The suite is designed to be

  • Light-weight – flexible software solution
  • Simple to use and deploy – modular, ready-made integrations
  • Cross-platform and adaptable – windows/macOS/Linux, local or cloud
  • Powered by open-source – well integrated with open-source ecosystem


RTI - Runtime Infrastructure
  • Networking message broker
  • Client libraries (C++, C#, Python, Typescript)
  • Runtime control web interface
  • Control and debugging CLI
  • Logs messages and measurements
  • Log tagged with metadata, e.g. scenario, configuration, participants
  • Storage in portable SQLite files
  • Configurable from clients
  • Remote-control launch & shutdown
  • Coordinate across multiple computers
  • Scripted actions on simulation runtime events
  • Checks and sequence control
  • Stand-alone application, or
  • Vue component library for creating customized application
  • 3D symbolic scenario view
  • Geographical map view
  • Metrics/measurements graph view
  • Data extraction from Recorder SQLite log files into CSV/Excel files
  • Data pipeline architecture
  • Python API, or
  • shell/batch scripts
  • Welcome page for on-premises or cloud-based simulation test participants
  • Stand-alone application, or
  • Vue component library for creating customized application
A/V Recorder
  • Time-synchronized recording multiple video and audio streams
  • Connect webcams, IP cameras or stand-alone microphones
  • Screen and computer audio recording
  • Playback synchronized with simulation data
  • Instructor/observer observations
  • Prompted surveys
  • Authoring tool
  • Trigger observation/survey based on simulation events
  • Software-based radio voice communications simulation
  • Multiple radios, intercom channels
  • Customizable user interface
Unreal Engine Plugins
  • RTI integration plugin
  • Standard components for entities, geometry, measures etc
  • Simple method for extending with project-specific components
  • Sandbox demo/learning project
Unity Packages
  • RTI integration package
  • Common package - common simulation tools
  • Geo package - geographical, mapping, routing
  • Models package - common dynamic models