Technology that puts the human in the center

Inhumate is an innovative technology company funded in 2023 by the people behind GEISTT.

We're building modern software for simulation-based operations, to be used in
  • Training
  • Research
  • Development

Based on >25 years of experience and countless successful human-system effectiveness projects in complex and high-stake environments.

Empowering projects at

Tools you might not know you need

Simulation-based operations typically require more functionality than the actual simulators themselves:

  • Networking and co-simulation
  • Runtime and process control
  • Recording, playback and analysis (e.g. data, audio and video)
  • Authoring, monitoring and control for different user groups (e.g. observer, instructor, trainee)
  • Assessment and surveys

These tools, often considered peripheral to the project goals, tend to be overlooked or underestimated.

Wheels you don't want to invent

Inhumate provide tools and infrastructure to help you focus on your core project activity.

Our products are

  • Light-weight, simple to use and deploy
  • Cross-platform and adaptable
  • Cloud, on-premises, distributed
  • Powered by open-source, web technology, and game engines
  • Easily integrated with existing technology

Pave your way to success

By using existing tools and infrastructure instead of building your own, you can

  • Reduce development time and complexity, achieve more within budget
  • Make systems and technology more aligned with their purpose
  • Improve human-system effectiveness
  • Have the data to prove it