Technology that puts the human in the center

Inhumate is an innovative technology company funded in 2023 by the people behind GEISTT.

We're building modern software for simulation-based operations, to be used in
  • Research
  • Development
  • Training

Based on >25 years of experience and countless successful human-system effectiveness projects in complex and high-stake environments.

Empowering teams and projects at

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Accelerate Innovate Evaluate

Inhumate solutions enable you to increase the pace of innovation while aligning products with the needs and expectations of their users.

  • Use simulation as an integrated tool in your development process.
  • Embrace targeted fidelity and light-weight technology to speed up development.
  • Work iteratively with constant feedback and evaluation from end-users.

Ready for simulation-based operations? Your end-users will thank you.

Prototype Collaborate Iterate

Inhumate provides a flexible toolbox that enables you to

  • Develop and connect simulators and prototypes in a well-defined and simple way
  • Use the power of game engines (such as Unity or Unreal Engine) for simulation
  • Leverage the simplicity and adaptability of web technology for HMI prototypes
  • Collaborate in the cloud or on-premises

Focus on your project, not the infrastructure and tooling around it.